Steve Vestal, Ph.D.

Steve Vestal, Ph.D.
Software and Systems Engineering; Safety-Critical, Real-time Embedded Computer Systems; Real-time Resource Allocation and Scheduling

Dr. Steve Vestal has over 20 years of experience in software and systems engineering of safety-critical, real-time embedded computer systems. His particular areas of specialization include real-time resource allocation and scheduling; hybrid automata modeling and analysis; safety and reliability modeling and analysis; and notations, methods and tools for embedded computer system engineering.

Steve currently serves as Principal Investigator on Adventium Labs' support for the U.S. Army Joint Multi-Role Technology Demonstrator program.  He was the instigator of Adventium's IRAD work, and earlier participated in the design and development of FUSED gray-box multi-viewpoint model integration framework during the DARPA AVM META program.

Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Washington B.S., Computer Science and Mathematics, Vanderbilt University
Past Work

Steve worked as a software architect on remote patient management systems, as principal investigator on a number of integrated modular avionics R&D projects, and led the DARPA-funded project that developed MetaH, the baseline for the SAE standard Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL).

Prior to joining Adventium, Steve was a software fellow at Boston Scientific and a technical fellow at Honeywell Aerospace Labs. Google scholar lists ~60 publications with ~2300 citations.