Danielle Stewart, Ph.D.


Dr. Stewart began work at Adventium Labs in August 2020 championing research initiatives for safety- and security-critical software-intensive cyber physical systems, including avionics, industrial controls, and medical devices. She is currently leading a U.S. Army funded project that unifies disparate behavioral modeling languages to provide a comprehensive verification framework for specifying, analyzing, and developing critical systems.

On DARPA and US Air Force projects, Dr. Stewart is leading technical efforts to create formal evidence that system-level safety and security requirements represented in system models are accurately reflected in the code that implements them.

Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Minnesota M.S. in Mathematics, University of Minnesota Duluth B.S. in Mathematics, University of Minnesota Duluth
Past Work

In earlier research, Dr. Stewart leveraged formal methods to perform safety assessment of critical systems. During this time, she worked as a visiting researcher at the German Aerospace Center (DLR Braunschweig) and led an effort to perform model-based safety engineering of unmanned aircraft. She also collaborated with Collins Aerospace on a NASA research grant to apply formal methods to real-world avionic systems.

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