Safety & Security Analysis

Safety & Security Analysis

Adventium Labs' advanced analysis tools help system engineers protect mission critical software systems.

CyberSecurity Vulnerabilty Detection in Complex Systems

Risk Management Framework Analysis Tool

RMF helps system architects diagnose and minimize cyber security threats over the course of a project, performing analyses that answer these questions:

  • Does the architecture isolate information flows with different criticalities?
  • Does the architecture place security controls everywhere they are needed?
  • Are the controls enforced as intended (non-bypassable and tamper-resistant)?
Security Validation for Multiple Classification Level Mission Systems

Multiple Independent Levels of Security Analysis Tool

MILS helps system architects design and build multi-level secure systems, performing analyses that determine if directly connected components in a model operate at the same security level, and whether components at different security levels are appropriately separated or protected with a security measure (such as a Cross Domain Solution).

Safe and Secure Medical and Industrial IoT Devices

ISOSCELES™ is a reference architecture and set of development tools that helps developers protect their products and networked services (including Industrial Internet of Things systems and medical devices) from current and future cyber security threats.


Systems Engineering Safety and Security Analysis Framework

SESSAF allows system engineers to identify complex safety and security hazard scenarios, particularly in software reliant systems. With it, engineers can perform safety and security risk analysis on AADL models, and are provided guidance in applying risk controls that can mitigate safety threats.

SESSAF supports Systems-Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA), a risk analysis technique for identifying scenarios that lead to potential hazards and accidents.