Designing Cybersecurity into Connected Medical Devices

Designing Cybersecurity into Connected Medical Devices

Cyber threats to health delivery organizations (HDOs) and the medical device industry as a whole have hit a new level of maturity in the last year. A decade ago, the attack scene was dominated by academic papers about theoretical attacks on connected medical devices. Then we started seeing data breaches on connected medical devices primarily as a means to access personal healthcare information. In the last year, however, at least two major events occurred where attackers directly monetized attacks on medical devices. In August 2016, a short stock seller openly published video and details about cybersecurity attacks on a medical device maker’s implantable cardiac devices. Predictably, the device manufacturer’s stock fell. In May 2017, the WannaCry ransomware compromised both hospital systems and medical devices. While there are multiple reasons each attack succeeded, it is clear that attackers are becoming bolder, and medical devices are not immune.

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