AADL Annex for the FACE™ Technical Standard, Edition 3.0

AADL Annex for the FACE™ Technical Standard, Edition 3.0

This annex is intended to help component vendors and system integrators using the (Future Airborne Capability Environment) FACE Technical Standard. FACE Technical Standard Edition 3.0 provides a data modeling architecture but does not provide mechanisms for describing component behavior or timing properties. This document provides guidance for translating a FACE Standard Edition 3.0 Data Architecture XMI model into AADL so that behavior and timing properties can be added and analyzed.

This annex supports the modeling, analysis, and integration of FACE artifacts in AADL. It gives AADL style guidelines and an AADL property set to provide a common approach to using AADL to express architectures that include FACE components. Using common properties and component representations in AADL makes AADL models of FACE components portable and reusable and increases the utility of tools that operate on such AADL models.

Tyler D. Smith Rob Edman
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