Grand Unified Modeling of Behavioral Operators (GUMBO), Army

The Grand Unified Modeling of Behavioral Operators (GUMBO) project will combine several different Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL)-based behavior modeling approaches into a single Unified Behavior Representation (UBR), coupled with fast, lightweight analysis and highly automated, usable verification for detailed designs. Component vendors will supply behavioral and interface specifications using their preferred behavioral modeling approach as deliverable, machine readable models. Then the system integrator will use GUMBO to virtually compose a system from the component models and verify that they are compatible in terms of their behavior, data models, and protocols.  GUMBO will support incremental progression from lightweight specification and verification to automated, strong specification and verification without requiring knowledge of formal analysis methods. GUMBO will directly integrate with an automated software-verification development environment, enabling teams to continue to implement the functional behavior of components using their chosen annexes.