Continuous Architecture Framework for Fault Management Assessment And Design (CAFFMAD), NASA

Traditional design processes and tools focus on refining a single design. CAFFMAD applies least-commitment design, an approach from game theory, to allow developers to keep design options (e.g., selection of a particular avionics component) open as long as necessary to reduce premature decisions that limit future design options. CAFFMAD will support existing Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) environments for the Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL) and System Modeling Language (SysML). CAFFMAD will provide continuous virtual model-based system evaluations - when a designer changes a model, CAFFMAD will automatically perform trade space analysis. This trade space analysis is performed over discrete architecture variations (e.g., selection of alternate Fault Management (FM) approaches or mission system processors), and parametric studies (e.g., continuous variables such as memory size or energy capacity). For each design configuration, CAFFMAD will automatically apply the selected system analysis tools and collate results for review by the designer.