Developing Evolvable, Embedded Time Critical Systems with MetaH

TitleDeveloping Evolvable, Embedded Time Critical Systems with MetaH
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2000
AuthorsLewis B, Colbert E, Vestal S
Conference NameTOOLS ’00 Proceedings of the Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems (TOOLS 34’00)
Date Published07/2000
Conference LocationWashington, DC

MetaH is an architectural design language, with a supporting toolset, for specifying, analyzing, and integrating computer control systems. Honeywell designed MetaH for the specification of real-time, fault-tolerant, securely partitioned, dynamically reconfigurable multi-processor system architectures.Since MetaH was developed to meet the requirements of aircraft and missile avionics and flight control. It can be valuable in other embedded, time-critical applications where a highly integrated, rapidly evolvable approach is needed, such as robotics. Developers use MetaH to specify the code modules that form the application, the execution behavior of the application, the target hardware and software environment, and the allocation of the application to the hardware. The specification is then analyzed for schedulability, reliability, and safety. The MetaH tools can generate the integrated code for the application components, an executive, and ’architectural glue’, all customized for the target hardware environment.