Magrana Server: Secure Virtualized Server for Critical Enterprise Operations

Summary: Magrana® Server is virtualized server software that provides strong isolation between security enclaves to meet strict separation requirements.
Problem Addressed: To ensure strict separation of security enclaves, the government requires that information at different security levels be kept on different physical servers, adding hardware and energy costs. A virtualized server solution has not been possible because services, like storage and network drivers, are shared by all of the virtual machines (VMs) running on the server. These shared resources violate the strict separation requirements.
Magrana Server: Built on the open source XenServer®, Magrana Server® pulls shared resources into separate virtual machines and isolates security enclaves, preventing information from flowing between enclaves. This level of security makes it possible to use one physical server to operate enclaves at different classification levels (e.g., Unclassified, Secret, Top Secret, etc.).
Deployment Models: Magrana Server supports two basic deployment models:
  • Physical enclave separation: As a low-cost, 1:1 replacement for commercial virtualized server software using physical separation to separate enclaves. Physical separation for security enclaves assumes that Magrana Server is running on each server and that each server only supports one security enclave. 
  • Hardware-enforced enclave separation: Utilize Magrana Server to separate the security enclaves on a shared physical server. This will permit multiple security enclaves to run on the same physical server. 
Availability: Magrana Server is available for use on U.S. Government programs. Licenses can be purchased on a per socket basis or as a specially negotiated license to meet specific program needs and constraints.
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