Magrana Server: Secure Virtualized Server for Critical Enterprise Operations

Magrana® Server is a robust, high-security server virtualization platform providing strong isolation to meet government and regulatory separation requirements. Built on the open source XenServer®, Magrana Server pulls shared resources into separate virtual machines, called service virtual machines (SVMs). The SVMs support operational VMs (OVMs) within each separate domain. This design isolates domains, preventing information from flowing between domains except when desired through a third-party cross-domain solution. This level of security makes it possible to use one physical server to operate domains at different classification levels (e.g., Unclassified, Secret, Top Secret, etc.). Today, systems using different classification levels must run on different physical servers, adding hardware and energy costs. Magrana Server is currently only available to U.S. Government personnel and support contractors. For pre-release pricing information or to request participation in the beta test, please contact