Andamio Games Wins NSF Award

Andamio Games Wins NSF Award

Educational technology innovator Andamio Games has been awarded a $150,000 Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the National Science Foundation to support the development of collaborative games for mobile devices that help students learn difficult-to-teach STEM subjects.

The funding will underwrite a research project that brings together accomplished application development engineers from Andamio Games, and local experts in biology instruction, learning science, and usability design. This team will design a series of tablet-based lessons and challenges to help students master difficult concepts in high-school and college biology curricula. Groups of students will use the game collaboratively, working in concert to model complex biological processes. The project will initially focus on cell respiration and photosynthesis.

Research will be conducted in partnership with leading science educators at the University of Minnesota, including Sehoya Cotner, Professor of Biology, and Barbara Billington, Professor of STEM Education at the College of Education and Human Development.

Andamio Games’ newly patented method of enabling collaboration among students using mobile devices is the innovation that makes the NSF-funded project possible. The technology builds on the most recent thinking in educational psychology, affording teachers the ability to provide appropriately individualized instruction without separating students into ability-based groups. “Teachers tell us that our approach to multi-player, cooperative challenges engages students and sets the stage for peer learning like no other app they have tried,” says Adam Gordon, Director of Educational Outreach.

Andamio Games’ first app, with over 50,000 downloads, is iNeuron, a collaborative game designed to help teachers improve neuroscience education in high-school biology and psychology classrooms. Version 2, which is currently undergoing classroom evaluation, will be available early next year.

About Andamio Games:

Andamio Games® builds standards-based mobile device games to make difficult foundational STEM concepts more engaging and attainable. Through a combination of scaffolded lessons, game-based assessments, and collaborative problem solving, Andamio aims to make classroom science instruction more active, fun, and effective.