Tools, Training, and Reference Materials for the FACE™ Technical Standard

The Architecture and Analysis Design Language (AADL) is a SAE International aerospace standard (AS) system model specification language (AS5506C) that supports various types of performance and safety analysis. The Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Technical Standard defines a Reference Architecture intended for the development of portable software components targeted for general purpose, safety, and/or security purposes. The AADL Annex for the FACE Technical Standard Edition 3.0 (AS5506/4) provides guidelines for the integrated use of AADL and FACE Technical Standard data specifications and components.

Architecture Analysis & Design Language (AADL) Annex F: AADL Annex for the FACE TM Technical Standard Edition 3.0 (Third Party Site:

Introduction to AADL Analysis and Modeling with FACE Units of Conformance (Latest Version)

Integrated AADL Analysis Tutorials

Source Code and Models for Integrated AADL Analysis Tutorials

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SLICED: Behavioral Interface analysis for FACE Units of Conformance. 

FACE Data Model to AADL Translator (Third Party Site: