CAMET Library

CAMET® (pronounced "camay") stands for Curated Access to Model-based Engineering Tools.

The CAMET Library provides system engineers with practical and powerful analysis tools to support Model-based DevOps, Digital Engineering, and the Architecture Centric Virtual Integration Process (ACVIP), and other modern development methodologies.

CAMET: Curated Access to Model-based Engineering Tools

Challenge: As modern cyber-physical systems grow in scope and complexity, embedded software is responsible for the vast majority of the system’s functionality. Typically, testing and analysis for system-level requirements for embedded systems is not done until later stages of development when the cost to fix problems is orders of magnitude higher than fixing them in the earlier phases. These system-level requirements involve critical trade-offs between size, weight, power budgets, bandwidth and CPU utilization, which have significant ramifications on timing, as well as safety and security.

Solution: Adventium’s CAMET® Library of model-based engineering tools, when applied early in the design process and continuously throughout a program, helps system engineers and architects improve system capabilities and reduce the risk of cost and schedule overruns. CAMET supports the delivery of highly reliable, highly functional, safe and secure cyber-physical systems.

For a list of Model-Based Engineering Tools available in the CAMET Library, click here.

CAMET Library

The CAMET® Library of Model-Based System Engineering tools was created to analyze and detect flaws in complex systems early on, during the requirements and design phases. CAMET’s powerful tools were developed with the support of SBIR awards from multiple agencies.

Phase III SBIR support from the Army has matured them for use on the Future Vertical Lift program, one of the Army’s top modernization priorities.

Key Features

  • Tools that support continuous integration and testing for model-based engineering and analysis
  • Subscribers have access to all CAMET Library tools, software, models, and other materials
  • Each subscription provides access for up to five users
  • Supports modeling standards such as AADL, SysML, and FACE
  • User guides, example models, and instructional videos help new users get up and running
  • The CAMET Library analysis tools operate as plugins to the Open Source AADL Tool Environment (OSATE)
  • Selected CAMET Library tools operate as standalones via a standard Java API for use in any Java-friendly environment

Mentoring and Support

Mentoring and Support: In addition to materials available on the CAMET® Library, subscribers may contract with Adventium to provide them project or application focused support and mentoring on a time and materials or other contractual basis. For basic background information and training on AADL, please see the set of resources listed below.