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Our web-app development platform, called FORGE™, enables instructional designers to author interactive content for any digital platform.

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The Andamio FORGE™ development platform enables non-programmers to create, deploy, and maintain collaborative, interactive digital web-apps with embedded challenges and game-like assessments. The cloud-based apps developed with FORGE provide monitoring capabilities that enable instructors to track progress, focus teaching on problem areas as they emerge, communicate individually with learners, collect data, and document lesson completion.

FORGE is an ideal authoring tool for publishers and learning providers with existing content and educational objectives. Our team will help you transform your content into collaborative, engaging web-apps. Contact us to discuss bringing a higher level of engagement and effectiveness to your curriculum.

The Neurobiology of Addiction and Recovery


SoberSloth was developed as part of a multi-year National Institutes of Health SBIR grant to improve neuroscience education for adolescent and young adult substance use disorder patients. SoberSloth focuses on the role of the brain’s dopamine reward system in addiction, providing interactive, game-based psychoeducation for adolescents and young adults.

The NIH grant included an efficacy study of SoberSloth applied in behavioral treatment settings. In partnership with the University of Pennsylvania Center for Studies of Addiction, a randomized controlled study of SoberSloth is finishing up in April 2022. The goal of this study is to determine if delivering engaging, evidence-based education about the brain will positively impact attitudes towards recovery with this historically under-served patient population.

FORGE was used to quickly adapt an interactive circuit building simulator we previously developed for iNeuron, integrate scaffolded instruction to support step-wise learning of key concepts related to addiction and recovery, and rapidly adapt the game as it was being developed with our UPenn colleagues.

SoberSloth is currently being used by Gobi Support, a web-based program for adolescent substance use prevention. On Day 3 of the course, Gobi directs teens through the first three levels of SoberSloth in order to facilitate broader family discussions about the effects of drug use and abuse.

Please contact us if you would like to use SoberSloth as part of your prevention or treatment program.

Using Playful Interaction to Assess Early Math Skills

Llama Pre-K Math Assessment

FORGE is being used to support a 4-year IES (Institute of Education Sciences) grant to develop a responsive computerized-adaptive assessment system for Pre-K mathematics. In collaboration with the UC Davis School of Education and Lehigh University's College of Education, we are creating interactive activities to engage early learners with basic mathematics assessments.  Educational experts at UC Davis and Lehigh provide the learning targets, lesson content, and custom-designed artwork, and we use FORGE to quickly develop the library of items used in the assessment. In the 3rd year of the project, FORGE will be used to implement an adaptive algorithm that will further individualize the assessment for each Pre-K learner.

Experiential, Fun, Award-Winning STEM App

CellEnergy Photosynthesis Labs

CellEnergy™ is an iOS app, available for download on the App Store, that immerses high school biology students in the hard-to-learn subjects of photosynthesis and cell respiration. Virtual biology labs provide an experimental playground where trial and error is encouraged, and students can build real mastery of Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) practices.

CellEnergy was developed with the support of a multi-phased Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award from the National Science Foundation. Andamio Games partnered with life science teachers from Twin Cities area public schools to conduct a multi-classroom test in the Fall of 2018 that demonstrated significant gains among the CellEnergy students when compared to the control group. Peer-reviewed results were published in the proceedings of the 2019 Connected Learning Conference.

CellEnergy won a 2019 Top Pick for Learning rating from Common Sense Education.

CellEnergy Teacher Resource Downloads:

Engaging High School Students in Neuroscience


iNeuron® is an iOS app, available for download on the App Store, that teaches introductory neuroscience concepts to high school students. Developed with the support of two grants from the National Institutes of Health, iNeuron facilitates small group collaboration as players solve neurological circuit building problems and engage with a host of other learn-by-doing games.

iNeuron was designed specifically as an instructional tool for classroom teachers. By delivering game challenges in the relevant context of the human nervous system, iNeuron helps teachers meaningfully engage their students in neuroscience, which leads to subject matter mastery, and better retention of difficult concepts. FORGE was first developed on this effort to enable educators to describe the lessons and instructional content in a way that could easily be adapted into the app software itself.

In a multi-classroom study with nearly 400 high-school students conducted by educational researchers from the University of Minnesota, iNeuron was shown to be more effective than state of the art neuroscience education practices. The full results of the evaluation are published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Science Education & Technology.

iNeuron Teacher Resource Downloads:

Kickstart Your Content

Goodnight Server Room

Children’s book author T.D. Smith published “Goodnight Server Room” with the help of a Kickstarter campaign, which included an iOS App as a milestone incentive. The author used FORGE to design a companion mobile app, smoothly repurposing existing artwork and story content, and creating learning games that expose elementary school students to basic coding concepts like counting in binary.  

Goodnight Server Room is available for iPads on the App Store, and can be played online through the author's website.