Who We Are

Who We Are

Our team of scientists and software engineers represents many decades of experience in developing solutions for safe and secure software-intensive complex systems.

In addition to our R&D efforts, Adventium Labs is dedicated to the growth of vibrant and healthy communities, investing time and money in educational, professional, and social initiatives here in the greater Twin Cities, and beyond.

Charity Day Initiative

Adventium takes pride in contributing to a better community and provides employees one paid day off per year to donate time to the charity (or charities) of their choice. This represents just a fraction of the time our employees devote to making our community stronger. Through this benefit, Adventium employees support a wide range of local and national non-profits working to address hunger and housing insecurity, foster environmental stewardship, support STEM education, provide career & college readiness for diverse and under-represented students, and much more.


Adventium works reduce and offset its carbon footprint through recycling, public transportation reimbursement, bicycle friendly facilities, and flexible work options (including telecommuting). Our location in downtown Minneapolis offers employees easy access to dedicated bike lanes, convenient public transportation routes, and walkable restaurants and shops. This year we made our annual donation offsetting our remaining carbon footprint to the Tree Trust, an organization dedicated to planting trees and building skills in the Twin Cities' workforce.

Corporate Sponsorships

To help sustain an ecosystem of technical innovation, Adventium sponsors conferences and organizations related to its business goals:

Annual Computer Security Applications Conference

Architecture Analysis and Design Language Standards Committee

Cyber Security Summit

Future Airborne Capability Environment Consortium

Linux Foundation

Medical Alley

National Contract Management Association

seL4 Foundation

Space Grant Midwest High-Power Rocketry Competition

Vertical Lift Consortium