Johnathan Gohde

At Adventium, Mr. Gohde has performed research and developed software for both cyber security systems and AI planning systems. For the Strengthen, Prepare, Detect, and React (SPDR) project, funded under the DARPA SRS Phase II program, he created a set of SOA services to simulate aircraft carrier flight planning missions. Then he developed components for the Detection and Response Embedded Device (DRED), including an XML-validating proxy to protect the SOA services. The proxy inspected messages used by the services and clients to ensure the messages were well-formed with respect to the schema for allowable traffic. Besides providing significant protection for services, the proxy supported other SPDR components by exposing state that the other components could inspect and respond to. In a follow-on task, he investigated methods for automatically generating and loading proxy schema by using source code for the class objects of the messages being sent and the representation of the workflow. Mr. Gohde also contributed to the Behavioral Adversary Modeling (BAMS) project, investigating the application of artificial intelligence planning for detecting network security flaws and insider threat behavior modeling.
While working for General Dynamics, Mr. Gohde's focus was tactical networking systems, including research and development of a secure Tactical Service Oriented Architecture. The Tactical SOA, which can operate over wired or wireless networks, supports mission-time composition of assets, granting flexibility in the approach chosen to accomplish the required tasks. This Tactical SOA was successfully flown in USAF Red Flag training exercises. Mr. Gohde also performed research on Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking (MANET) simulation, analyzing approaches used by tactical assets to form ad-hoc networks and extend the range and survivability of an airborne network.

M.S. Computer Science, University of Minnesota
B.S. Computer Science, University of Minnesota
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