John Shackleton

Mr. Shackleton has been engineering real-time embedded systems for over 20 years, researching new ways of operating faster, smarter, safer, and more secure on platforms with limited memory and processing resources. He has worked on a wide variety of technical domains, at almost every level of abstraction, including real-time embedded middleware, avionics software, radio hardware design, MEMS (micro-electronic mechanical systems) technology, wireless networking, image processing, and time-critical embedded controls.

Prior to joining Adventium, Mr. Shackleton was a Senior Research Scientist at BBN Technologies, where he developed new 3D image processing algorithms to track people and objects with LIDAR sensors. He also pursued wireless networking technology there, designing ZigBee radios (IEEE 802.15.4) for low-power personal area networks employed in industrial and military applications. Prior to his tenure at BBN Technologies, Mr. Shackleton worked at Honeywell Laboratories, where his research experiences included: router design for the NASA Orion satellite program, a member of the architecture team for the Army's Future Combat Systems (FCS) System of system common operating environment (SOSCOE) specializing in safety-critical systems and resource management, developed custom low-power radios for unattended sensor networks, software designer for Crew Interface Tools within the Flight Management System (FMS) of the Boeing 7E7 integrated cockpit, developed a time-critical execution framework for the DARPA-sponsored Software Enabled Controls (SEC) program, and developed a toolset that analyzed and automated the integration of legacy software for the U.S. Air Force. While at Honeywell, Mr. Shackleton also authored three patents in the area of wireless networking, and received a Technical Achievement Award for his contributions in applying quality-of-service (QoS) techniques to real-time adaptive resource management middleware.

M.S. Computer Science, University of Minnesota
B.A. Mathematics/Computer Science, Saint John's University
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