Hazel Shackleton

Ms. Shackleton is a Software Engineer with experience in development of complex systems within the domains of telecommunications, commercial avionics, petrochemicals and government logistics. She specializes in requirements analysis and innovative technical approaches for problem solving. Her experience has primarily been concerned with real-time or near real-time systems, human centered user interfaces, parser design, agent-based systems, distributed architecture and embedded system environments.
At Adventium, her activities include low level process analysis of overall system design and modeling capabilities, tool development for scheduling and other complex activities, and embedded software design and implementation. She has also been the primary developer and designer of several prototype route planning tools and a statistical modeler designed to assess the effects of Biological terrorism on the food chain.
As a Research Scientist at Honeywell Laboratories, she was the principle developer and software lead for several internal avionic Flight Management System projects including a research based cockpit interface redesign, design and implementation of a crew interface validation process, and the design and requirements phases of the Reliable Transfer Process dealing with the Multi-Instruction List generator. In additions to using state of the art software tools for design and development, she was also involved with research projects investigating and enhancing such tools. Her work on DoME (an extensible graphical domain modeling tool) allowed for the smoother integration of external hardware and software design models. She also worked to develop and evaluate tools specialized for distributed heterogeneous configurable computer platforms while working on the DARPA ADAPTERS program, and acted as project manager and principle investigator for Honeywell's participation in the DARPA Advanced Logistics Program. Prior to Honeywell she was the primary architect and received a patent for her work on Sprint's expert-system handling phone card fraud which intercepted calls and ran 24-7 for nearly ten years.

M.S., Computer Science, Michigan Technological University
B.S., Computer Science, Michigan Technological University
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