Technical Staff

Mark Boddy, Ph.D. Automated Planning and Scheduling, Hybrid Reasoning, Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Jim Carciofini Constraint Based Reasoning, Hybrid Reasoning, Multi-agent Collaborative Systems
Todd Carpenter Systems Engineering and Architecture, Real-time, Dependable, and Assured Systems, Mixed-mode Physical, Cyber and Social Risk Assessment
Dan D'Aloia Information Technology, Managment, Information systems
Robert Edman, Ph.D. Real Time Scheduling, Embedded Systems, Software and Systems Engineering, Data and Software Modelling
J. Thomas Haigh, Ph.D. Security Architectures for Wired and Wireless Networks, Application of Automated Reasoning Systems to Problems in Cyber Security, Operating Systems and Application Security
Steven Harp, Ph.D. Cyber Security, Reasoning with Uncertainty, Decision Support and Automated Reasoning
Brian Isle P.E., Founder, Strategic Vulnerability Assessments, Cyber Security, Critical Infrastructure Safety
Alex Mahrer Constraint Logic Programming, Virtual Machines, Virtual Machine Introspection, Hypervisors, Semantic Reasoning, Software Engineering
Charles N. Payne Jr. High Assurance Computing, Policy Management and Definition, Formal Methods
Edward Sandberg Parallel Computing, Hypervisors, Virtual Machines, Software Engineering, Network Storage, Information Technology
August Schwerdfeger, Ph.D. Parsing and Verifiable Composition, Extensible and Domain-Specific Languages, Automated Language Translation
Hazel Shackleton Model-based Development Tools and methodologies, User-centered Design Implementation, Next-generation Avionics Systems
John Shackleton Real-Time Embedded Systems, Avionics Software, Image Processing
Tyler Smith Data Modeling, Mobile Platforms, Service Oriented Systems
Steve Vestal, Ph.D. Software and Systems Engineering, Safety-Critical, Real-time Embedded Computer Systems, Real-time Resource Allocation and Scheduling
Rand Whillock Signal and Image Processing, Biometrics, Robotics System Engineering, Training Systems and Human Interfaces