SysML to AADL Bridge Tool announced

Adventium Labs released a new SysML/AADL Bridge tool and supporting profiles on its CAMET Library this month. This new capability supports the translation of System Modeling Language (SysML) models into Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL) models. Profiles from Enterprise Architect, a SysML modeling tool, are used to stereotype elements within a SysML model that are then translated into AADL by the Bridge tooling. The anticipated workflow is to annotate a subset of SysML model elements that are to be translated to AADL. The generated AADL is then refined and extended in an AADL modeling environment, e.g., Open Source AADL Tool Environment (OSATE). The resulting AADL models are suitable for analysis, integration, and verification supported by other CAMET analysis tools.