News in 2020

Updates to CAMET Library of MBE Tools

Today we released technical updates for the model-based engineering tools in our CAMET Library. Feedback from our engaged users has been key to these upgrades and refinements. You can learn more about the CAMET Library of model-based engineering tools and learn how to gain access at A brief summary of these improvements is listed below. 

SysML to AADL Bridge Tool announced

Adventium Labs released a new SysML/AADL Bridge tool and supporting profiles on its CAMET Library this month. This new capability supports the translation of System Modeling Language (SysML) models into Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL) models. Profiles from Enterprise Architect, a SysML modeling tool, are used to stereotype elements within a SysML model that are then translated into AADL by the Bridge tooling.

DARPA Selects Adventium Labs to Research Weird Machines

Adventium Labs has been awarded a $900K, 18-month research project to identify and mitigate weird machines in computer systems. Weird machines are unintended, emergent computational capabilities within a computer system enabling it to be used in ways not intended by the system designers. Among other problems, this emergent execution can be exploited to enable or amplify cyber-attacks. Spectre and Meltdown are well-known examples of cyber-attacks that exploit emergent computation to expose protected information without requiring any violation of the system’s normal operation.