Dr. Martin Michalowski Co-Develops a New Method of Identifying and Mitigating Averse Drug and Disease Interactions

In collaboration with an international team of scientists, Dr. Martin Michalowski developed a new method to identify and mitigate adverse interactions (drug–drug or drug–disease) for patients with comorbid diseases that are treated according to two concurrently applied clinical practice guidelines. Their work was published in the Journal of Biomedical Informatics.

The developed mitigation algorithm combines domain knowledge encoded as interaction and revision operators using the constraint logic programming (CLP) paradigm. The operators characterize adverse interactions and describe revisions to logical models required to address them. The CLP efficiently solves models and reports whether mitigation has been successful or not. The final solution represents a feasible therapy that may be safely applied to a patient.

Please visit “Mitigation of Adverse Interactions in Pairs of Clinical Practice Guidelines Using Constraint Logic Programming,” for more information.