Adventium Makes Progress in Space and Aviation Safety Research

On several recent projects, Adventium has been making significant progress in research related to space and aviation safety. As part of NASA’s Leading Edge Aeronautics Research for NASA (LEARN) program, Adventium is developing a means to make effective use of multi-core processors and advanced communications networks. Adventium’s SPICA resource allocation and scheduling tool will enable vast improvements in the performance, efficiency, safety, and dependability of complex avionics systems. On a second NASA-funded project, an Adventium team is working to improve the editing process for complex procedures followed by astronauts and mission controllers. The ConCEPT technology validates procedures as they are created, by automatically and continuously gathering appropriate constraints from the domain model and flight rules and testing those constraints against the evolving procedure, alerting the user to any violated constraints. Finally, DARPA is funding Adventium to develop fault-tolerant hypervisors that can withstand single event effects (SEEs) by supporting autonomous fault management and providing remote integrity attestation.