Adventium Labs unveiling the Virtual Cyber Defender – Introspection Appliance (VCD-IA) at Citrix Synergy 2013

This week at Citrix Synergy 2013 ( in Los Angeles, CA, Adventium Labs will be unveiling the Virtual Cyber Defender – Introspection Appliance (VCD-IA). Packaged as an easy-to-install extension pack for Citrix XenClient XT®, VCD-IA™ represents a new paradigm for providing cyber defenses. 

Today, cyber security software is installed in the same computing environment as the system it is designed to protect. With today’s advanced malware, this is like trying to feed sharks by getting in the water with them. The cyber security software can be easily attacked or circumvented.

Adventium’s patent pending VCD-IA moves the security software out of the ‘water’ and into the ‘boat’. The VCD-IA enables cyber security software to run in a “Security” virtual machine that is completely separate from the defended system and yet still has complete, unfettered visibility and access to the defended system. VCD-IA does not rely on any software running on the defended system, so it cannot be disabled by malware that makes its way on to the defended system. Citrix XenClient XT® provides strong virtual machine separation, so that software running on the defended system cannot jump through the hypervisor into the VCD-IA virtual machine.

VCD-IA makes it easy for vendors and developers of cyber defenses to either port existing host-based defenses or to create new defenses because, unlike other agentless introspection interfaces, VCD-IA enables developers to interact with the defended system via introspection in much the same way that current host-based defenses interact with an operating system. 

Adventium will be in the Citrix XenClient XT booth. If you cannot make it to Citrix Synergy, please see or contact us at