Adventium Enterprises™ wins $750K Navy Research Contract

Adventium Enterprises™, a Minneapolis-based software research and development company announced that it has been awarded Phase 2 of an Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD)/Navy Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program. The 21-month, $743,052 research effort will enhance the speed and ease of fielding new capabilities on safety critical systems, such as unmanned air, ground, and sea vehicles, collectively called unmanned autonomous systems (UASs).
This technology will enable safety critical software, such as avionics, to affordably operate side by side on the same computer hardware with non critical software, such as video feeds. Many of the approaches available today are either proprietary and restrictive, or open, but lacking in the necessary qualities to guarantee separation of the safety critical operations from the non-critical operations.
Therefore, very expensive measures must be taken to either develop to these restricted systems, or test and verify the more open systems. In combination, this severely limits the functions available on UASs, and therefore, the rate at which we can deploy new technology to our soldiers in the field and law enforcement here in the states.

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