Dr. Lindsey Hillesheim Named to the Defense Alliance Advisory Board

Dr. Lindsey Hillesheim has been named to the Defense Alliance Advisory Board. The Defense Alliance's mission is to network and expand the defense industry job and technology base of the Upper Midwest and promote the region's innovative contributions to the nation's defense. The Advisory Board is comprised of a diverse set of experts covering technology, research, and business and helps to guide Defense Alliance strategy.

Adventium Labs and Andamio Games Sponsor 3rd Annual Minneapolis Public Schools STEM Expo

Adventium and its division Andamio Games sponsored and exhibited at the 3rd Annual Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) STEM Expo held on February 12th, 2014. The Expo provided hands-on, interactive Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) activities for middle school students to increase their awareness and interest in STEM-related career opportunities across Minnesota. MPS sixth graders and some seventh graders attended.

Paul Hed Completes a New Standard for Ensuring Proper Sensor and Platform Identification

Paul Hed, member of the National Geospatial Agency's (NGA) Motion Imagery Standards Board, completed a new standard (ST1204.1) for ensuring proper Sensor and Platform (e.g. Unmanned Aerial Systems - UAS) Identification for all government Motion Imagery (i.e. Video) Systems. This standard was recently approved by the Motion Imagery Standards Board and will be incorporated in new and upgraded DoD systems in the coming years.

Adventium Awarded Patent

Adventium was awarded a patent today for its virtualized cross domain information sharing technology called XEBHRA™. The patent, titled Multi-Domain Information Sharing (Patent #8,590,005), is an innovative method to guarantee that traffic between domains only goes through a guard, where both domains and the guard are hosted as virtual machines on the same hypervisor. This is a key step towards enabling virtualized cross domain transfer solutions.

Jason Sonnek Presenting Adventium's Latest Virtualization Research at Xen Project Developer Summit

Jason Sonnek will be delivering a talk on Adventium's latest virtualization research at the Xen Project Developer Summit in Edinburgh, Scotland. The talk, titled "SecureServe: A Multi-level Secure Server Virtualization Platform on Xen", summarizes efforts to develop a high assurance, multi-level secure server virtualization platform that is low-cost, open, and enterprise ready.